I live in Quito, Ecuador across the street from a church. As I walk outside, Sofía wants to eat. I whip out the boob and she starts nursing. Now, I’d like to mention that Ecuador is nothing like the United States, in that, majority of the women in Ecuador breastfeed. It is normal to see it and most of us do not cover ourselves or make a big deal out of it. If our babies need to eat…they eat. It doesn’t matter when or where. I’ve been in government offices, breastfeeding (uncovered) and strangers come and want to oooohhh, ahhhh, and kiss on my daughter. All while she is attached to my boob. It’s normal.

Example 1 (Credit: worldbank.org; photographer unknown)

Example 3 (Credit: BING Images)

So, I’m outside walking next to the church and breastfeeding. There was a group of missionaries or volunteering unpacking a van in the church parking lot. I hear someone say, “that’s un-Christian” and someone else remarked, “how disgusting”. I’m assuming they just arrived from the USA, but whatever the case, they are in for a culture shock. Who says that?? It’s un-Christian?? Seriously?? I’m pretty sure that Mary was breastfeeding sweet, little, baby Jesus. Don’t believe me? Try a little common sense or maybe a history or culture class. Formula wasn’t invented until the mid to late 1800′s. My question is, what happened to women? When did the majority of women lose confidence in their bodies? I don’t get it.

Here are a few links about breastfeeding, if anyone would like to check them out.





My Daughter Nursing

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